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Default Favorite jeans for women

What are your favorite jeans for women ?

Do you have a special brand you like ?
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My favorite jeans must fit her like a glove. Nice and tight.

The model needs to be slim but not skinny. I don't care for fat women wearing
tight jeans.

My favorite brand of jeans is still the tight blue Levi Jeans with the flares or bellbottoms.

There are so many other brand of jeans out there and when the beautiful lady fits
them well then I don't care if they are Levi jeans.

I like the halter top with the little bit of tummy showing. I like the ladies with long
straight hair.

When I look through the photos there are so many nice looking ladies in jeans but
it is hard for me to say why I like one model more then another. I think it is in their
eyes and hair and body.

I know that if the same lady was in a bikini, tight pants, nude, a dress, shorts or jeans
the jeans babe is the one that would keep my attention.

My least favorite is a naked woman. Some are very pretty but the tight jeans is the
real attraction for me.

Loves women wearing tight jeans
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